How to Improve your Writing?

Writing is a learned skill. Don’t over complicate yourself, try to keep it as simple as possible. Firstly, you need to understand who your audience is, Who are you writing for? Is it for your friends? For your manager? Is it for an exam? Who is your reader and what does he want? You’re writing for someone else and remember your reader is taking the time to read what you wrote. Secondly, always try to plan your writing in that way you won’t miss out on any ideas or use unnecessary ones. Decide what do you want to incorporate and what is better to leave out.

Planning helps you to not get lost in your writing. You’re writing for a reason. You have a goal, How are you going to achieve that goal ?. In your plan, decide what do you want to say in each paragraph, write clear paragraphs for your reader to understand what do you want to communicate. Keep one main idea per paragraph even if it’s shorter or simpler. A paragraph should be as long as it needs to make your point. Cut empty words and sentences. Use short simple sentences, especially if you’re not writing in your native language. Write as little as possible. Don’t use two words if you can use just one. Use transition words, to give examples, to compare, to introduce, and to conclude your work.

Finally, don’t forget to research on Books, Google, Blogs, Youtube. Check your own work, write less, and check more. Analyze your work and implement everything that you learned. Get feedback, from a Teacher or an Editor, and most important of all PRACTICE.

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