What do you need to become a Successful Translator?

Translation as per the Oxford Dictionary is the process of translating words or text from one language into another. Let’s talk about translation as a career. How can you be considered competent in the world of translation? What do clients seek to accomplish when they hire a translator?

To become a professional translator, it is necessary to understand the types of finished products in translation, the main steps in the translation process, and the required qualifications. These are the essential skills that you must have:

  1. Advanced Knowledge of the language, otherwise you won’t be able to translate accurately. A good translator doesn’t have a basic or intermediate language level. He must be considered as a near-native speaker.
  2. Excellent Writing Skills: As a translator, your texts need to impress readers across a variety of styles. For example marketing, formal or legal, casual or colloquial, technical texts, medical documents, etc. Professional translators translate only into their native language or the language they were educated in. Not into second or third languages.
  3. Sound translation and review process: People underestimate the complex mental process that translating involves. Translators must understand the meaning, have multiple vocabulary choices, and vary grammar systems every time they translate a text. Doing that correctly providing the required meaning and also produce a well-worded text without fail is a challenging task. Good translators always follow a well-established translation process that includes self-checking and review steps.

If you want to work as a translator you must compromise yourself to always deliver high-quality and polished works to your clients, practice your writing and grammar skills as much as you can, be a perfectionist, review your own documents, always search for an editor to correct your material before you provide it to your client. Being a translator is challenging, it requires dedication and effort but at the same time, it’s a beautiful job that will make you feel you can belong to different cultures.


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